How It Works: Renting Exclusive Custom Audiences Made Simple

Streamlined Process to Maximize Audience Rental Success

Key Elements of the AudienceRent Advantage


Our pricing model is designed to provide transparency and flexibility, with audience rental rates based on engagement and post frequency. This ensures that you only pay for the value and effectiveness of the rented audience, with costs ranging from $.01 to $.10 per record (per person within the audience).


At AudienceRent, we go beyond audience rental by actively marketing and promoting the availability of your rented audience to our network of advertisers. This increases exposure and maximizes the potential for audience rental, connecting you with advertisers who are eager to leverage your exclusive custom audience for their campaigns.


We work closely with the audience owners’ current sponsors to leverage the power of rented audiences and enhance their campaigns. By utilizing the data and insights from the rented audience, we help sponsors optimize their messaging, improve targeting precision, and drive better results, ultimately maximizing the impact and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Unlocking Success: The AudienceRent Journey in Four Steps

Discover: Explore our extensive audience segments and find the perfect custom audience for your campaign needs.

Rent: Select and rent the desired audience segment, gaining access to exclusive customer data and insights.

Activate: Integrate the rented audience seamlessly into your advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

Optimize: Continuously measure and optimize your campaigns based on data-driven insights for maximum results.

Data-Driven Insights for Enhanced Targeting

Our data-driven approach provides you with valuable insights into audience behavior, preferences, and demographics. By leveraging these insights, you can fine-tune your targeting strategies, deliver highly relevant messages, and achieve better campaign results.

Secure and Privacy-Compliant Audience Rental

We prioritize data security and privacy compliance, ensuring that the rented audience data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with industry regulations. Your privacy, as well as that of the audience owners and their customers, is safeguarded throughout the entire audience rental process.


“Thanks to AudienceRent, we were able to reach our target audience of outdoor enthusiasts with incredible precision. The rented audience segments provided valuable insights and helped us tailor our marketing messages effectively. Our campaigns saw a significant boost in engagement and conversions, leading to tangible business growth.”

CMO – Outdoor Brand

“AudienceRent has been a game-changer for our sports equipment brand. The ability to access exclusive custom audiences tailored to sports enthusiasts has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. The data-driven insights provided by AudienceRent have empowered us to deliver targeted messages and achieve exceptional ROI. We highly recommend their platform to any sports advertiser seeking to maximize their marketing impact.”

CTO – Sports Gear Brand

“AudienceRent has revolutionized our audience targeting strategy in the banking industry. By renting exclusive custom audiences, we were able to reach the right customers at the right time with personalized messages that resonated. The partnership between AudienceRent and our current sponsors has resulted in stronger campaigns and improved customer engagement. This innovative approach has elevated our marketing efforts and driven exceptional results.”

CEO – Secure Banking Solution

Stop Guessing.

Say goodbye to guesswork and unleash the power of data-driven marketing. Schedule a demo today and discover how AudienceRent can revolutionize your advertising strategies, drive better results, and help you make informed decisions with precision targeting.