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Introducing LLaMA: A foundational, 65-billion-parameter large language model

As part of Meta’s commitment to open science, today we are publicly releasing LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI), a state-of-the-art foundational large language model designed to help researchers advance their work in this subfield of AI.

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META’s New “Performance 5” Framework

The Performance 5 framework is based on five actionable best practices that increase your performance when using META’s ads products.

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AR Ads Come to Reels & Facebook Stories

 Discover new ways for advertisers to reach customers, increase campaign performance, and measure results with Reels.

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New Instagram Ad Update That Everybody Hates

Instagram has been ruffling the feathers of many users as of late with how many ads and suggested posts it shows from unfollowed accounts. Despite the frequent criticism of the app’s near-constant ads, Meta announced in a recent blog post that Instagram will now feature an additional two new types of ads to clutter the feeds of all users.

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