APPROVE / DECLINE RENTALS – Audience Owner will be notified directly when their audience is requested for rent and has the option to approve or decline the rental.

SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT – Currently we are able to rent audiences on Facebook/Meta and Instagram. Audience Owner will let the AudienceRent system curate and add their audience to the rental marketplace and also segment the audience if necessary to generate an audience within an Advertisers budget.

  • AudienceRent cannot utilize your Social Media Property for any services outside of the rental of your audience unless requested by you.
  • Your audience is not affected in any way either positively or negatively by a marketplace rental.
  • If you do not have a Facebook Business page active or if it needs updating or modifying in order to have your audience added to the marketplace, the AudienceRent team will troubleshoot and assist accordingly to allow for the rental of your audience.
  • AudienceRent policies are monitored and compliant within the Meta Standards and Privacy Practices. You understand and acknowledge that Facebook/Meta and Instagram are third parties. They may change any aspect of their social networking sites, including Business Pages, or their terms and conditions at any time without notice, including categories or types of businesses or content that their policies restrict or prohibit from publication. Your use of Facebook/Meta and Instagram is governed solely by their terms and conditions, with which you comply. No endorsement by these Social Media Properties is implied by our provision of rental services.

PAYOUTS – Payouts will be made to the specified Qualifying Company and/or Individual at the end of their audiences rental term and are the responsibility of AudienceRent LLC.

  • FULL DISCLOSURE – All financial transactions and payouts for your audience are available for review at any time. AudienceRent will provide all payments and requests for audience rentals to the designated contact at Audience Owner.
  • REVENUE SHARING – AudienceRent and Audience Owner agree to split 50/50 all rental revenue that’s generated from having their Facebook/Meta and Instagram audience on the marketplace, whether segmented or whole.
  • AUDIENCE VALUE – The monetary value of your audience is determined by a rubric of factors that include primarily the number of Followers and also Likes, Shares and Comments to determine overall engagement with your Social Media accounts. The more your audience engages, the higher your price per record will be.
  • RENTAL PERIOD – Audiences on the marketplace are currently available for rent for a selection of 30 days with the option for continuous renewal.

QUALIFYING COMPANY & INDIVIDUALS – A Qualifying Company is a company authorized by AudienceRent, LLC  to be eligible in payouts. Individuals are also authorized in payouts and are required to complete a W9.

PRIVATE MARKETPLACE – The AudienceRent marketplace is not public. All Advertisers are approved and vetted by AudienceRent. They then are granted access to the marketplace to make their rental selections.

AGENCIES / MANAGEMENT FIRMS – Companies that manage the audiences of multiple influencers and brands agree they have permission to make decisions regarding their clients social media activities and are permitted to act on behalf of the audience owner.

MODIFICATIONS – This agreement may not be changed orally.  Any modifications of this agreement must be completed in writing.

*AudienceRent is a proprietary marketplace platform which is currently holds a patent-pending. Any attempts to replicate the AudienceRent platform and its processes are strictly prohibited.*